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Akros d.o.o. Prinčičeva 6
1210 Ljubljana - Šentvid


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Since 2006 we offer TWO NEW PRODUCTS


Today we are able to offer three products  that complement each other

BUNGEE Trampolines

( 7 m high, with 4 trampolines and 4 lifting engines) with a terrace






BUNGEE trampoline dimensions

9,1 m x 9,1 m on trampolin - fi 4,23 m


Guarante covers the following;                          

ALU construction - 3 years, engines - 1 year, trampolines - 1 year

elastics - material consumption ( with the purchase of a second hand trampoline you become a new set of elastics )- 48 pieces    

alpinistic carabines 80 pieces - 5 different types      


7m high, with 4 trampolines and 4 lifting engines


prices - 2011


to 28.4.2011



Bungee trampolines

14.950 EUR

  14.200 EUR

11.960 EUR

Prices - FCO Ljubljana -SLOVENIA

The TERRACE enables you that when all four trampolines are buisy you do not need two assistants!


The terrace also makes the access to the trampoliones much easier (for turists)

It makes the placement of the turists on all four trampolines easier and faster for the assistant.



without 4 pieces of lower PVC folie and 4 pieces of top PVC folie on trampolines- 550 EUR cheaper

Without the terrace additional 450 EUR cheaper

That means up to 1.000 EUR lower price

Payment for our products can be payed on AKROS  bank account at NLB. Value added tax is not included in the price. Delivery time varies from 14 days  till max. 45 days  depending from the situation in production and is counted from the day that prepayment has been payed. 

Delivery time for second Bungee trampolines is immediately after the day that prepayment has been payed and after customs formalities are sorted out.

Note that prices for second hand Bungee trampolines are FCO Porec-CROATIA

For additional information please contact me via e-mail    

  marko.jemec@akros.si                www.akros.si

or mobile  gsm  + 386 41 630 423 

 Marko Jemec